The In-Between Spaces of LA

Periodically, the City Impact Lab delves deep into an issue important to Los Angeles and convenes an Issue Roundtable with an invited group on that topic. The latest such issue tackled was Interstitial Spaces. 

Interstitial spaces are spaces that are underused, underutilized, and exist in the "in between." With this understanding, the assembled group started a discussion that acknowledged challenges and successes. From the Board of Public Works to LADOT to the Los Angeles Public Library to the Planning Department, city departments shared their perspective and what they were working on to empower community members to take back city space for greater use. Staff from the Mayor's Office and various City Council offices offered insight into the challenges they face in working with community on a day-to-day basis to educate them on city process and partnership. Community members working on and in these “in between spaces” shared their experiences and insights into the process.

The Action Report of the latest such endeavor, focused on those in-between, underutilized, and under appreciated spaces in Los Angeles can be found here

If you'd like to get involved with any of the solutions suggested, please contact the City Impact Lab by emailing us.

About Issue Roundtables 
In Los Angeles, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of issues that are being examined, researched, and trying to be solved every day by leaders across the region and around the globe. Some are quite complex, and others just need slight refinement to be fully effective. Some of the best solutions come from focused people working collaboratively to identify and address the issue. City Impact Lab's "Issue Roundtables" strive to do just that: convene a group of engaged individuals to identify and develop solutions to transform Los Angeles. Roundtable discussions start with experts identifying issues and potential solutions; and then, the assembled group discussing, debating, and creating an action plan with specific outcomes. Sitting face-to-face, solutions can be discussed by those with the power and interest to try something innovative. These sessions last approximately 90 minutes, and sometimes, the outcome is to have another roundtable in order to delve deeper or have attendees share the information to their networks. Attendees should be prepared to listen, contribute, and take on an action item to work towards a solution. Roundtables typically have about two dozen targeted attendees.