2016 Impact-Maker to Watch: Nate Kaplan

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 in the Tom Bradley room at Los Angeles City Hall, 25 members of the Los Angeles community were honored for their foundational work to make a positive impact in our city. 


...helped launch an organization that seeks to increase and improve democratic engagement.
— David Graham-Caso, Office of Councilmember Mike Bonin

 Nate Kaplan

Nate Kaplan

SeePolitical founder, Nate Kaplan, has been an active player on the political scene from coast to coast. He served as a legislative aide in the Massachusetts State Senate before working in Boston’s Trial Court system. At the age of 24, Nate ran for the office of state representative in his hometown in Central Massachusetts. With a landslide victory, he became the youngest candidate in that district’s history to receive a major party nomination. Upon his arrival in Los Angeles, Nate’s passion for politics continued to thrive. Nate received his Masters Degree in Public Policy at the University of Southern California while working as a communications director, legislative director, and district director for the Los Angeles City Council where he worked on issues of social policy, economic development, land use, public safety, sustainable cities, transportation, nonprofits, affordable housing, and public policies to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities in California. After working in California politics for several years, he realized that direct democracy in this state had a fatal flaw, a majority of voters admittedly have little reliable knowledge about what they are asked to vote on. Nate founded SeePolitical as a solution to educate the electorate.

Most recently SeePolitical's video "How We Choose Our President: Primaries and Caucuses" was featured in a HuffPost Education article titled "How Do We Pick the President?"