Hollywood Impact Walk


A dozen eager Angelenos walked the streets of Hollywood to see how the lines of public and private property are blurring. Property owners and civic leaders are partnering to create welcoming spaces where residents and visitors can mingle, dine, and find inspiration.

Led by Stratiscope’s Angela Babcock, the 90-minute tour traversed Downtown Hollywood from the intersection of Ivar and Selma (where, for the past 25 years, the streets have transformed into the Hollywood Farmers Market each Sunday morning) to the glittering Hollywood Blvd and back. More than a sightseeing excursion, this walk told the story of how things happen in Hollywood that truly make a neighborhood.

Angela brought out experts to enhance the experience for the attendees, including, Emily Bowman, Market Manager from SEE-LA (which runs and truly curates the Hollywood Farmer's Market with local produce vendors to provide home cooks and renowned restaurant chefs ingredients for their weekly menus) and staff from the Hollywood Arts Council and Hollywood Property Owners Alliance, who spoke to the insights of the daily inner-workings of getting things done in the heart of Hollywood.

Other featured impact projects included “Hollywood Pop!,” a semi permanent park space featuring fun cartoon-like amenities; the EaCa Alley, the City of Los Angeles’ first pedestrian alleyway; various murals; the public-private partnership of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits (LACE) on Hollywood Blvd; and The Hotel Cafe, whose entrance faces an alley currently under construction to become another pedestrian alley as part of the construction of the adjacent Dream Hotel.

The Hollywood Impact Tour wouldn’t be complete without experiencing an al fresco beverage at Saint Felix Hollywood along the EaCa Alley, where tour participants lingered and made new connections.  This tour is part of the City Impact Lab’s Impact Walk program that highlights the way neighborhoods get to be the way they are. Angela Babcock is the Director of Impact for Stratiscope and has spent years working in Hollywood to make an impact, having been a part of various civic and community projects highlighted on the tour and many more!