2016 Impact-Maker to Watch: Colleen Corcoran

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 in the Tom Bradley room at Los Angeles City Hall, 25 members of the Los Angeles community were honored for their foundational work to make a positive impact in our city.

Colleen Corcoran

...works with incredible institutions that are changing LA but her talent is as a communicator: she is able to take complex ideas and make them not only feel simple and accessible but also make it feel like they have been a part of LA forever.
— Alissa Walker, DeLAB

Colleen Corcoran is a graphic designer from Texas, living and working in Los Angeles on projects that examine the use of design as a tool for education and positive change within the urban environment. She works with various community organizations and public agencies on projects that promote active transportation, human-centric public policies, and economic and social justice. Some recent work includes a series of flash cards to teach the public about safe street design, a newspaper combining stories and data about high traffic LA intersections, and a pilot pedestrian way-finding program in South LA. Outside of her design practice, Colleen is involved with a number of efforts to advocate for better public spaces in LA. She is a co-founder of CicLAvia, a regular event that opens LA’s streets up to bicyclists and walkers, and she currently serves on the steering committee of the pedestrian advocacy organization Los Angeles Walks. Colleen originally made way to California in 2005, to attend the graphic design MFA program at CalArts and has been soaking up the California sunshine since.