Here are a few of our on-going projects and activities...

Social Impact Breakfast


Each month, the City Impact Lab hosts their Social Impact Breakfast that brings together those working to make an impact -- in government, in the arts, in neighborhoods, in non-profits, and in business -- to come together for a breakfast event to jumpstart their day and increase their effectiveness. The 75-minute breakfast is formatted to provide attendees with the opportunity to connect to others who can support their work, learn tactics from expert "Impact Makers," and find ways to more effectively create a social impact in LA. Each breakfast features 2 speakers providing their specific strategies to make an impact in LA. Grab access to all 12 Social Impact Breakfasts and so much more, with the City Impact Lab Access Pass



In Los Angeles, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of issues that are being examined, researched, and trying to be solved every day by leaders across the region and around the globe. Some are quite complex, and others just need slight refinement to be fully effective. Some of the best solutions come from focused people working collaboratively to identify and address the issue. City Impact Lab's issue roundtables strive to do just that: convene a group of engaged individuals to identify and develop solutions to transform Los Angeles. Roundtable discussions start with experts identifying issues and potential solutions; and then, the assembled group discussing, debating, and creating an action plan with specific outcomes. Sitting face-to-face, solutions. Can be discussed by those with the power and interest to try something innovative. These sessions last approximately 90 minutes, and sometimes, the outcome is to have another round table in order to delve deeper or had attendees share the information to their networks. Attendees should be prepared to listen, contribute, and take on an action item to work towards a solution.



City Impact Lab "Reflections" provide an opportunity for LA's impact experts to share what they know to help others be able to make use of a lifetime of experiences. From elected officials to business leaders to civic activists, impact makers in LA come from all walks of life and have the varied perspectives and strategies to prove it. At each Reflection event, the featured impact maker will spend the first part of the event sharing what they've learned and offering advice, while the second portion includes real questions from the host and from the audience: "Why did this happen?" "Could you have done something differently?" "Why not?"  

Impact-makers to watch 

The Impact-Maker to Watch award is an annual distinction for those who are doing foundational work to make a positive impact in Los Angeles and will continue to do so throughout the year, with significant results. Honorees are designated by LA leaders, including members of the LA City Council. Honorees may have a career of impact that continues to show results or may be just starting out, with equally impressive results. Honorees will be supported and promoted through various City Impact Lab programs throughout the year. 

LA Civics Initiative

The Los Angeles Civics Initiative is a unique program working to discuss, understand, and fix barriers to civic participation, civic literacy, and civic engagement in Greater Los Angeles. We do this through a series of workshops and surveys throughout the region engaging civic, business, nonprofit, and individual stakeholders.