Everyday in LA, thousands of people are working to make the city a better place, improving the lives of fellow Angelenos. The City ImpactLab in Los Angeles brings together those working to make an impact -- in government, in the arts, in neighborhoods, in non-profits, and in business -- to share strategies and collaborate. From The Social Impact Breakfast to Impact Walks to workshops and roundtables, the City Impact Lab provides various ways for people and groups to increase their effectiveness and deepen their impact. 

Powered by Stratiscope, the City Impact Lab was founded in 2014 to be a resource for civic leaders across Los Angeles.

Our Mission

The City Impact Lab's mission is to enable and empower individuals, businesses, and organizations to make an impact in their city


  • a more civically engaged citizenry
  • a community of connections
  • a focus on realistic impact outcomes 
  • resources that are available and accessible to those wanting to do the work/make a difference


  • Host LA's monthly
    Social Impact Breakfast
  • Led quarterly Neighborhood Impact Walks in communities like Palms & NoHo
  • Led Roundtable discussions on important topics like Interstitial Spaces
  • Hosted "The Untold History of LA" featuring LA City Councilman Tom LaBonge
  • Host monthly "Impact Hours" (Happy Hour with an impact focus)
  • Made connections between impact-makers that lead to special events, increased funding for non-profits, and new community projects
  • Created the Impact-Makers to Watch Program and Honor
  • Launched the LA Civics Initiative with USC Bedrosian Center